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Expanding Product Development, Packaging Options

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We’re expanding our services and packaging options for personal care products, helping our customers provide innovative products that anticipate and meet consumers’ evolving needs. We recently opened a new laboratory to accommodate additional product development and testing as well, ensuring that our high-quality standards are applied throughout our entire array of products.

For example, we are working with color cosmetics partners to produce multiple colors of air mist spray makeup foundations; we aerosolize the concentrates and package them into a final delivery system. The result is an aerosol that dispenses a fine mist of tiny droplets, which allows users to achieve the look of professional airbrushed makeup without the high salon price tag. The container is small enough to fit in a purse.

Personal care products, including cosmetics, are always evolving to keep up with fashion and consumer preferences. Users today want their favorite beauty products to be portable enough to carry with them as they go about their day. Airbrushed makeup techniques that have been popularized in salons, usually for special occasions, have also elevated consumers’ aspirations about the quality of results they can expect from makeup.

The new air-mist spray foundations can be applied in one or more fine layers to get different levels of coverage, making it easy for the user to customize her makeup to her liking and for the occasion. The fine mist spray allows an exceptionally controllable application that makes layering easy for personalized results. It is less messy and applies more evenly than liquid and powder formulations.

Very few aerosol manufacturers have the capability to manufacture color cosmetics and then turn them into aerosol products. Our lab technicians’ expertise in development and testing enables us, along with our customers, to choose the right package and the type of actuator that delivers fine mist spray.

We’re also formulating custom products for traditional brick-and-mortar retailers and professional salon companies. Hair and skin care products and fragrances are becoming popular brand extenders, for example; the same is true of celebrity brands. Offering personal care products under their label offers opportunities to up-sell and generate impulse purchases while adding new revenue sources and magnifying their brand identity.

Our product development and packaging specialists design optimal formulations, delivery systems and packaging that bring new ideas to life. Contact us today to learn more.

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