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Food Service

Preserve quality, manage recipes, and improve the production of your private label food products.

Where Quality and Safety are the Key Ingredients

Maintaining the quality and safety of products that customers use to nourish themselves or others is both crucial and complex. That’s why we have facilities dedicated only to food to ensure the standards you’ve set for your brand and your customers come to trust aren’t compromised.

At PLZ, you’ll have a food service manufacturer not only dedicated to preserving the quality of your products but to making your brand a staple in homes, restaurants, or speciality industries.


For Food Processing, Restaurant, Bakery Application, and Specialty Industries

We offer various branded and private label products formulated to last, savor, and serve any customer who needs to create with them. Whether you need performance-driven sprays, healthy alternatives, or products that enhance flavor, PLZ has the capabilities to produce them.

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Our Brands

Add A Dash Of Expertise To Your Plan

PLZ has the technology, distribution capabilities, and dedication required in food service manufacturing to
turn ideas into successful products.

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