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Cooking Sprays

Our cooking sprays ensure the quality, performance, and value that foodservice operators demand. 


Cooking Sprays that Ensure the Quality and Value that Food Service Demand

By offering a variety of options to meet your unique needs, we provide customers  with the confidence they need to deliver on their cooking spray products. We offer labeling including non-GMO, allergen-free, organic, or clean label.

No Build Ups and A Clean Release

Our rich history of innovation, service and exceptional quality in the food release oils category makes PLZ the perfect partner for your industrial food processing needs. We help a variety of industries overcome food processing challenges with our array of spray release and pan oil formulations.

chef throwing veggies and meat in the wok

Food Release Spray

  • Oil Blend Food Release
  • Non-GMO Food Release
  • Allergen Free Food Release
Seasoning Pizza with Vegalene Garlic Mist Spray

Seasoning Sprays

  • Buttery Cooking Spray
  • Olive Oil Mist
  • Garlic Flavor

We have been innovating in the food service sector for almost 70 years

We offer a wide range of solutions for both restaurants and home cooks to utilize. As a customer service representative I often hear what a difference our solutions make in the kitchen and it is a point of pride for PLZ

Jessica I., Customer Service Coordinator

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Food Service Products

PLZ offers innovative spray releases, oils, and preparation products for food processing.

Healthy, Sweet, and Savory

Your customers are seeking quality ingredient food service technology, PLZ will help you formulate, produce, and deliver.

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