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We offer dedicated manufacturing facilities that serve your specific production needs

Nationwide Footprint

PLZ’s manufacturing and warehousing facilities allow us the efficiency and flexibility to meet all of our customers’ needs across the globe.

With millions of square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space, our facilities are able to quickly and efficiently produce and distribute large and small orders of aerosol and liquid packaged products.


Integrated Manufacturing & Management Solutions

  • 14 locations
  • Millions of sq. ft. of manufacturing space
  • more than 100 aerosol, liquid & specialty filling lines
  • Flexibility to execute 1-7 line changes per shift
  • Annual capacity of up to 1B aerosol units
  • Award-winning quality assurance program
  • 13 R&D Centers
  • SAP enterprise-wide business management software
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) software

Operations Organized to Serve Specialty Markets

In addition to our more than 100 aerosol, liquid, and non-aerosol manufacturing lines our facility capabilities include 13 on-site R&D centers, lab testing, regulatory, and quality assurance.


Ability to perform rapid line changeovers.


Longer, pooled runs across the platform.

Custom Private Labeling

Printing and designing capabilities using dedicated in-house resources.


Network optimized production capacity and logistics across plants.

Available Capacity

Critical for growth in a highly regulated industry.

Leverage PLZ’s Nationwide Network

PLZ’s manufacturing and warehousing facilities allows us the efficiency and flexibility to meet all of our customers’ needs.

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