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Producing, storing, and distributing high-performing products you can stand by.


A World-Class Warehousing System

Efficiency, profitability, and sustainability need to lead the warehousing system you build to distribute products effectively. Those pieces are what make our SAP-based inventory management system elite. They give us the simplicity and range required to produce high-volume products for the world’s leading brands. At PLZ, your private label distribution needs have no limits.


High-Quality Products Require High-Touch Capabilities.

We’re your partner in making the journey from warehouse to the shelves as effective as possible.

Employee in vehicle warehouse


Warehouse space is attached to each production facility.


Finished goods are shipped per customer direction or stored for future distribution.

Plastic bottles on an assembly line

Inventory Managment

Superior inventory management service is offered. (SAP based).

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Private Label Distributors You Can Trust

Superior service. Limitless capabilities. At PLZ, you have a partner as invested in excellence as you are.

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