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PLZ Corp is committed to preserving the Earth’s natural resources for future generations. We believe we have an obligation to employ practices that help protect the long-term well-being of the environment. Our aim is to use materials that are easily replenished. We also constantly review our formulas, packaging, and processes for ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

Nearly all of our aerosol products are made in the U.S. with domestic and foreign materials. All of our products adhere to all federal and state requirements for VOC compliance and are reformulated to meet regulations when they change. VOCs are chemical compounds emitted as gases and are common in a wide array of household products, from paints and solvents, to adhesives, building materials, fuels, and aerosol products.

Empty aerosol containers are as recyclable as other steel or aluminum cans. Our steel aerosol cans are 100 percent recyclable and made of 25 to 32 percent recycled steel, depending on style. The caps and spray tips are also recyclable, as well as our shipping boxes, which utilize recycled material.

To PLZ Corp, sustainability isn’t a destination; it’s a process of constantly looking to do more with less and to minimize our environmental footprint. We will continue our industry-leading stewardship of developing new products that continue to strike the harmonious balance between high-quality, high-performance products and responsible environmental management.