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Lubricants & Degreasers

Premium solutions that clean dirt, grease and oil and protect equipment


Delivering the Best Industrial Lubricants & Degreasers in the Business

Our product solutions are relied on across industries. Our degreasers are engineered to dissolve grease and oil so they can be safely removed, keeping your customers focused on the job at hand. Our lubricants stop squeaks, prevent corrosion and sticking, speed production, cut cleanup time, reduce friction, and help your customers equipment last longer and work more effectively.

A Full-Line of Products, Relied Upon by Professionals

Customers need to know the products going to market are compliant, up-to-date with regulations, and perform at their best. PLZ offers full-service solutions, providing your customers the highest quality lubricants and degreasers.


Close Up Of Lubricant Grease In Hand Mechanic For Putting Into Ball Bearing In The Industrial Factory, Mechanic Industrial Concept

  • Heavy Duty Degreasers
  • Solvent Degreasers
  • Screen Openers
  • White Greases
  • Foam Degreasers
  • Scented degreasers
Continuously variable transmission metal parts close-up

  • Multi Surface Degreaser
  • Chain and Cable Lubricants
  • Penetrating Gel Lubricants
  • Food Grade Grease
  • Coating Lubricants 
  • Silicone Release Agents

End-To-End Support for your Lubricant & Degreaser Needs

Deliver the lubricants and degreasers your customers rely on!
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