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At PLZ Personal Care Solutions, we specialize in partnering with brands to continually create new personal care and beauty products that meet the needs of their ever-evolving customer base. For this reason, we have our fingertips on the pulse on the latest product development and market drivers—helping the brands that people love, and those they’ll soon discover, ride the waves of change through constant product innovation.

In today’s competitive retail environment, consumers are more educated about the impacts of ingredients on their skin and hair, and they’re much more interested in new formulations that address their specific concerns. They want to buy products that keep pace with science on both the health and wellness and environmental fronts. They also expect to find products tailored to their diverse needs.

This desire for more natural, personalized choices in personal care dates back several years. With the COVID-19 pandemic, people were forced to stay home, attempt DIY beauty regimes and solutions, and rethink their relationships with the products they buy. In addition, personal responsibility for consumption and reducing waste rose to top of mind. These factors trickled into consumer awareness and purchasing behaviors.

Secrets to Driving Personal Care Innovation and Success

With these factors in mind, what’s the secret to keeping your product line fresh and relevant, even as “relevance” continues to change?

  • Aligning Agility and Personalization with Consumer Trends: To start, it’s very important to work with formulation experts and prioritize new product development efforts that emphasize agility and personalization, while synchronizing product launches with trending concerns. Through our established supplier networks and offerings, we help our customers freshen their brands with new or modified formulations that address emerging consumer expectations and speed up their sourcing and production timelines.
  • Keeping Costs Down: Amid unpredictable economics and inflation, cost control is another initiative for many companies who are looking for ways to make their products more affordably. Margins can be sharpened with changes in packaging, formulations, inner and outer cartons, sourcing and buying power.  Clients can benefit from the purchasing power that PLZ offers as a product developer and manufacturer serving many brands and categories.
  • Standing out with Packaging and Dispensing Innovation: Dispensing capabilities and packaging can play a major role in brand identity and innovation as well. Today, packaging is trending toward more visual communication of brand assets, with less text. For this reason, some customers are opting for uniquely shaped bottles and other twists that add a special feel and branding power to existing, reformulated or brand-new products that catch consumer’s eyes.

Why PLZ Personal Care Solutions?

Our customers find that working with PLZ Personal Care Solutions is their best bet to stay on top of these and other factors affecting the success or failure of their personal care products. This is because, first and foremost, we are experts in formulation. We also provide packaging that not only works and sells but raises the bar to exceed consumers’ desire for new and innovative dispensing capabilities for the products they love.

Adding to this, we pay close attention to the little things – as well as the big ones – to make every product special for every client. We work with some brilliant entrepreneurs, with fantastic ideas – and we help them successfully bring their brainstorms to market through our unmatched service. We also stay on top of regulatory changes and material resources so that we can help guide our customers on compliance, supply chain dynamics, and steady sourcing to maintain production through the fluctuations in today’s volatile global environment.

In closing, no matter where you are in your product development, production, or merchandising process, PLZ Personal Care Solutions offers the expertise you need to evaluate all the variables. We operate as partners—helping you design your products from the start and bring them all the way to market.

Whether you are looking to freshen your brand with new formulations, speed your sourcing and production timelines, or address emerging consumer needs and expectations, you can always rely on PLZ. Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to discuss “what’s new” with your PLZ Personal Care Solutions representative. Contact us to connect!

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