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Meeting The Demand For A Growing List Of Aromatherapy Products

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The aromatherapy market is booming, with forecasts for continued growth. As a result of this popularity, aromatherapy is expanding beyond the wellness industry – making its way into a variety of new aerosol and liquid products in the spa, bath, household and personal care markets.

Companies add botanicals such as lavender, eucalyptus and grapefruit into everything – from fabric sprays including pillow mists, linen sprays and surface sprays, to room sprays, super-absorbent polymer (SAP) beads, hand sanitizers, as well as fragrance and essential oils for use with fragrance dispersion products.


At Precise Packaging, we utilize our deep history developing aerosol and liquid solutions, combined with our formulation, filling and packaging expertise, to develop and manufacture new and existing aromatherapy products, including unique and custom formulations. We tailor our approach to meet the needs and requirements for each project. We work with customers to develop filling processes, provide packaging recommendations, deliver product and packaging samples, and beyond.

Our product innovations include the development of globally compliant formulas that can be used and marketed in the U.S. and overseas in custom and standard sizes. We fill sizes based upon product or application requirements – from the popular trial- and travel-sized products to full-size products, with liquid fill sizes from 5 ml to 250 ml, aerosol fill sizes from 0.25 oz. to 8 oz., and valve sizes from 13 mm to 1 inch.

Home fragrance products have become one of our most popular aromatherapy formats. Consumers are looking for products that deliver the dual benefits of not only freshening up a room, but also aromatherapy results to help them feel good and de-stress.


When developing aromatherapy products such as these, we consider many variables and guide customers throughout the research and development process. We advise on factors such as the level and type of ingredients in the formulation, packaging and delivery aspects of the finished products, and how to achieve benefits such as relaxation or energy enhancement utilizing essential oils.

For customers looking to create several different fragrance options that can be used across a range of product categories, we work hand-in-hand on overall product design. Our formulation experts ensure that the products emit the same scent across all categories – from fabric sprays to home fragrance oils – and that the product packaging is compatible with the formulation.

We recommend the right type and level of additives required to deliver high quality products and avoid product challenges such as haziness for a product that requires clarity – saving customers’ valuable development time and cost.

To meet the trend toward minimalist formulas that are natural and free from synthetic or animal-derived ingredients, we can also guide customers on the level and type of natural ingredients for creating the proper balance and ensuring uniformity from batch to batch. To achieve broad-spectrum antimicrobial results for products, we consider factors such as the ratio of the ingredients and pH of the system when developing the product’s formula.


With forecasts for continued growth and expansion, the aromatherapy market is here to stay. Our experts work closely with world’s top brand names to bring high-quality aromatherapy formulations and product designs to market quickly and efficiently. Whether your company is launching a new aromatherapy product and needs an expert source to help right from the formulation stage, or a strategic partner to manage the entire filling process, we offer over 25 years of specialized contract manufacturing experience in aerosol and liquid products to meet the increasing demand for a growing list of aromatherapy products.

For additional information on product capabilities, visit our capabilities webpage.

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