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Personal Care & Household Fragrances Warm Up The Holiday Season

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The sense of smell is a powerful thing. Certain smells can trigger memories, emotions, and desires, both good and bad. During the holiday season, perfumed and fragranced products become especially popular, perhaps because the holidays are such a nostalgic time of year. The scents of open wood fires, fresh baked cookies, caramel apples and baking spices recall warm memories of childhood and family.

This holiday, consumers can expect to see warm, soft gourmand fragrances sell steadily. There is something inherently attractive about a warm, familiar smell during colder months. Honey is a particularly popular influencer, but fragrances boasting scents of chocolate, maple, cinnamon, and vanilla will be on trend this season.

Of course, perfumes and colognes are as unique as their wearers – gourmands are not for everyone. For those who prefer fresher scents, there will be fragrances that pair berries with floral and fruity notes this winter. These fresh and festive scents pair well with citrus and rose essences.

Earthy scents continue to be crowd-pleasers this winter. Every few years, amber makes a comeback as a popular ingredient. Amber shares many qualities with honey, but its scent is softened by earthy musk influences. Notes of teakwood, currant leaf, winter balsam, and tobacco cedar will also show up in earthier, more complex fragrances this holiday.

Women and men are sharing scents this season. Unisex fragrances that appeal to both genders are taking the market by storm, and brands are capitalizing on this. Who doesn’t like a vanilla cookie, spiced apple cider, or ginger snap? The holiday experience is universal, and this year, everyone’s invited.

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