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Spice Up Your Seasonings With Seasoning Sprays

Food Service

Seasoning is the most essential step in any chef’s cooking process. It’s what gives food a sense of individuality. At PLZ Corp, we know that simple changes to spices like adding a little bit more salt will completely change and improve the flavor of a recipe. Perfectly seasoning food is an art and an integral step to making the perfect dish. No one wants their plate to be called bland.

That being said, it’s easy for spice blends to get redundant. PLZ Corp is aware of how time-consuming curating the perfect blend can be, and how difficult it is to find modifications that can elevate the kitchen experience. Hence, PLZ has found a way to give some new life to the seasoning process.

Seasoning sprays solve these cooking woes as they provide a new and innovative way to season food. These sprays can reduce prep time by removing the steps normally taken to measure oil, melt butter, or cut garlic. By maintaining the flavor while reducing the time spent cooking, our sprays will improve productivity without sacrificing the ideal taste.

In addition to this, undercoating will never be an issue because PLZs seasoning sprays evenly coat vegetables, bread and rolls, pastas, salads, meats, and anything else you would coat in oil, butter, and spices. Seasoning sprays are the fresh and unique way to season food and provide strong flavor at a fraction of the time, while not compromising on taste.

Learn more about PLZs seasoning sprays here!

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