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Trial Size Is The New Travel Size

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Travel restrictions and baggage fees are incentivizing airline travelers to forgo checked luggage in favor of a well-packed carry-on. According to Statistic Brain, only 55 percent of airline passengers in 2016 said that they check a bag all or most of the time. Baggage fees have a huge profit margin for major airlines (27 percent), so it’s no wonder that these fees, averaging $25 per bag, have become nearly impossible for consumers to avoid.

Less is more

Traveling “carry-on only” requires a new approach to packing; minimalism is in. Liquids, gels and aerosols must be limited to 3.4-ounce containers. We are all too familiar with TSA agents who make you toss out the water bottle you forgot you had before you can proceed through security. But what if you had to throw out something special – a luxury perfume, a $40 bottle of foundation – just to catch your flight on time?

Some savvy travelers sidestep the risk by purchasing travel-friendly containers to decant their favorite products into. An even easier solution is to buy these products in trial-sized containers. Universal staples like shampoo, soap, and deodorant are easy enough to find in smaller sizes. But what about the special items we use every day, like perfume?

A marriage of convenience

Specialty stores like Sephora and Ulta offer fabulous sampling sections where some of their finest products are offered in miniature containers. These product samples serve two purposes: first, they give you the chance to try out a product before you invest in the full size; and second, they are travel-friendly and are a great option to take the products you already love on the go.

Door-to-door sampling service

E-commerce brings an entirely new dimension to product sampling. Enter subscription and sampling boxes like Birchbox, Ipsy, and many others. It’s tough to beat the fun surprise of opening a box filled with little treats. Packaging beauty and personal care products in attractive, functional sample sizes that can be incorporated into thematic collections creates opportunities to gain new customers and potential brand loyalists, to be associated with an already-beloved service brand, and to generate the feel-good vibe that consumers are looking for. Plus, those samples easily fill the need for portable, quality products that don’t feel mundane. The brand benefits, and so does the buyer.

Favorite things in small packages

More and more CPGs are developing products to meet consumers’ growing preference for “snack-sized” experiences. Starting with the miniature version of a product, especially in cosmetics, helps to mitigate our fear of taking risks when it comes to buying things that vary so greatly from person to person. Consider a pricey beauty product, like perhaps a $50 makeup foundation. You might hesitate to make that investment if you aren’t sure how the product will react to your skin type. What works for one person might cause breakouts and irritation for another. Trial size is just that – the perfect amount to try something out and see if it works before you commit to the full size. Not to mention that travel sizes are portable, easier to use up before they expire (who has ever managed to completely finish a mascara before it dried out?), and sometimes even cheaper per unit weight than the full size!

At PLZ, we offer unique powder aerosol formulations and filling capabilities for high-growth products such as makeup mousses and sprays, hair care products, and body/foot powder sprays, as well as dual-function product solutions such as moisturizing body foam with SPF – in the sample and travel-sized products on up, with valve sizes from 13mm to 1 inch. Contact us today to learn how your product can be right-sized for sampling and travel.

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