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Consumer Wishes Drive Demand

Personal Care

For New Aerosol & Liquid Beauty Products

Today’s consumers are demanding more and more from the beauty products they buy, with a growing list of wishes ranging from cleaner formulations that are free of synthetic ingredients, to more sustainable products and packaging, to increased availability of diverse, multi-cultural options.

To address consumers’ high expectations, PLZ Corp stays ahead of industry innovations so that we can provide guidance to our customers for bringing their new beauty product ideas to life. As a contract filler working side by side with our customers to create and refine a variety of aerosol and non-aerosol product formulations, we constantly gain unique insights into the needs of this highly-competitive industry.

Our experts notice major beauty trends ahead of the curve and share their insights with customers. Here are a few trends fueling beauty product development and manufacturing this season.


There’s a shift among today’s beauty consumers to view the products they use as a lifestyle/health choice. People want to live as well as they possibly can, so wellness trends that have gained traction in food and beverage are now making their way into the personal care and cosmetic product aisles.

Food-grade ingredients are becoming increasingly popular, so superfoods, some exotic and some common are popping up in places where you wouldn’t normally expect them. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are adding superfoods such as olive oil, rice, chia seeds, avocado and kale into everything from dry shampoos to sunscreens and moisturizer sprays.

We are also experiencing a growing demand for FDA-regulated consumer products derived from cannabis (Cannabis sativa L.) and its components, including cannabidiol (CBD). Bolstered by Congress’s passage of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (the 2018 Farm Bill), this market opportunity has companies clamoring to add CBD oils into a range of products including CBD-based oil serums, body sprays deodorants, shaving creams, shower foams and more.


Consumers are also very conscientious about how the products they use on a daily basis are affecting the environment. Sustainable beauty products are actively marketed and showcased in retail stores and across the Internet – augmented by the calls for greener offerings from bloggers and environmentalists alike. As a result, the movement toward ethical sourcing and sustainability of ingredients and packaging is here to stay.

People want to know the origin of the ingredients they apply to their skin and hair. Consumers consider factors such as whether the ingredients are eco-friendly, what part of the world the ingredients are sourced from, and how the products are manufactured before they commit to a purchase.


Following along the wellness and sustainability path, consumers want products that are non-toxic to their bodies. Many brands are putting labels on their product packaging that promote attributes such as the elimination of harmful ingredients including parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, or the adherence to organic and Halal certifications. As a result, PLZ Corp’s customers are asking: Can you make this product without synthetic ingredients and/or improve an existing product to eliminate negative ingredients?

To meet these requests, we advise clients on ingredient choices and considerations for the development of safe, non-toxic formulations. Solutions may include the substitution of aromatherapy botanicals and essential oils as alternatives to synthetic fragrances; or mineral SPF formulations, which feature natural ingredients such as titanium and zinc oxide to absorb and deflect sunlight, in place of chemical-based sunscreen formulations.


As evidenced by the previous examples, gone are the days when consumers simply accept what’s available in the beauty aisles. More than ever, people are celebrating diversity and embracing their varying skin tones, hair colors and skin types – giving everyone a chance to choose from a variety of beauty options.

Consider the success of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line, which boasts an almost limitless collection of cosmetic shades. Leading beauty companies are following suit and providing their customers with more customized choices for makeup foundation sprays, fragrances, hair care products and beyond.


To accommodate their increasingly busy lifestyles, consumers are also looking for beauty products that are quick, practical and less complicated to use. As a result, the popularity of travel-size products is reaching an all-time high due to their portability and time-saving attributes: consumers enjoy the ability to easily throw travel and trial-size products into a backpack, purse or pocket.

CPG companies and specialty and big-box retailers have caught on to this travel-size trend, and are offering miniaturized versions of their products and developing new formulations that can be used for on-the-go touch-ups. In addition to the traditional staples of miniature shampoos and body sprays, a wide variety of high-growth products, including dry shampoo sprays, hand sanitizers and deodorants are being packaged in attractive, functional sample sizes in dedicated sampling sections and e-commerce subscription box services like Birchbox and Ipsy.


Our position as a strategic contract manufacturing partner for aerosol and liquid products provides us with unique insight into the ever-changing beauty products market. By staying ahead of the latest industry trends, we take great ideas and guide our customers through the entire product development, formulation, validation/testing, compounding, filling and packaging process to deliver high-quality personal care, household and OTC products that fulfill their demands – and delight the consumers who buy their products.

We fill a variety of sizes from small trial and travel-size products up to larger products with valve sizes ranging from 13mm up to 1 inch. Our facility is EPA, DEP, ATF, and FDA (OTC drug and medical device) registered, ensuring the highest standards of Quality Assurance and Control. We are also a Health Canada approved filler and an Organic Certified Co-Packer, with business philosophy and quality operating systems based on ISO 9001 and current Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines (ISO 22716 and CFR 21 Parts 210 and 211).

Whether your company is launching a new product or needs an expert to advise on formulation refinements, PLZ Corp offers more than 30 years of specialized contract filling experience delivering on customer needs and desires. Contact us today to learn how we help bring new beauty product ideas to life.

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