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The Top Personal Care Product Development Trends this Fall

Personal Care

It’s that time of year again when people across the country trade in their flip flops and beach towels for fall boots and sweaters. For most, the increased chill in the air means more than just a reassessment of their wardrobes. The changing of the seasons also represents a shift in daily habits and routines, including new priorities and considerations for the personal care products we use as we step out the door. As a strategic contract manufacturing partner for aerosol and liquid products, we have unique insight into the hottest personal care product development trends.

Below is a sneak peek of the hottest ingredients and product development trends you can expect to see hitting the personal care market this fall.

Fall Ready: Skin Care Products to Greet the Crisp Air

It’s no secret that dry, cool temperatures can do a number on our skin, which is why so many consumers put an increased focus on their skin care routines during the autumn months. From daily cleansers and body lotions to creams and sprays, we work with customers to produce a variety of custom formulations to help keep skin healthy and vibrant.

In addition to traditional ingredients and formulas, many brands are looking to refine their product formulations to eliminate ingredients such as parabens or sulfates. As a result, we’re seeing continued calls for plant-inspired and botanical ingredients in this fall’s skin care product lineups. Everything from plant-based fragrances to CBD oils, to amino acids and plant extracts, to superfoods such as olive oil, butter, chia seeds and avocado are popping up in skin care products.

To meet these requests, we advise clients on ingredient choices and considerations for formulation development. Solutions may include the substitution of aromatherapy botanicals and essential oils as alternatives to synthetic fragrances; or a blend of nourishing natural oils such as meadowfoam, argan, almond, or plum, combined with mango or shea butter, to act as moisturizing agents for body lotions and butters.

Return of the Beard: Men’s Care and Grooming Products Take Center Stage

For many men, the cooler temps signify the return of the beard. This coupled with the continued growth of the men’s personal care market, which is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 6.0% from 2020 to 2027 according to Grand View Research’s, “Men’s Personal Care Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report,” makes the fall market for men’s care primed for success.

PLZ Personal Care has partnered with both mass-market products and professional brands to lead the curve in men’s grooming products. We understand what men want in a personal care product, whether it’s for hair or body, and we have facilities uniquely constructed to keep the male beauty movement innovating and growing.

To prepare for the colder months, we are seeing an uptick in the production of products to hydrate men’s skin and hair. As a result, moisturizing and strengthening ingredients such as argan and jojoba oils are being added to a variety of men’s grooming products, including shaving creams, beard oils, hair pomades and more.

Zoom, Zoom: Facial Care Products Make you Camera Ready

For the second year in a row, Zoom meetings and mask mandates are all around. Whether at home, in the office or back to school, our faces are in the spotlight. As a result, we are seeing an increased demand for facial care products designed to alleviate skin irritation, dryness and the effects of “maskne” to get consumers Zoom-ready this fall.

This desire for healthy-looking skin extends across traditional gender stereotypes to align with the market shift toward gender-neutral personal care products. According to Larissa Jensen, Senior Beauty Analyst at market research firm NPD Group in a Washington Post article, newer brands are entering the gate with gender fluidity already built into their DNA. They are using advertising that reflects diversity in race and gender, and packaging products in ways that avoid old stereotypes. “They’re more inclusive, and they hit on more of the things that are important to younger consumers today, like ‘sustainable’ or ‘clean’ or ‘genderless,’” said Larsen.

As a result, we are working with more and more customers to develop skin care products branded and packaged to cater equally to all genders. From facial scrubs and mists to serums, cleansers and moisturizers, we advise customers on the requirements and attributes necessary to develop innovative facial products that promote youthful, hydrated and clean-looking skin across all gender and skin types. We are also increasingly working with customers to create powder aerosol formulations for high-growth products such as makeup mousse foundations, as well as dual-function product solutions such as moisturizing body foam with SPF.

Fall Hair, Don’t Care: Nourishing, Vibrant Hair Care Solutions

This fall, people are continuing to celebrate individuality and embrace their varying hair colors and types. As one of the largest manufacturers of multicultural hair care products for textured and curly hair, our formulas help people treat their hair on their terms – giving everyone a chance to choose from hair care products for every desired texture, length and style.

For example, many consumers are seeking hair care sprays and serums featuring fast-absorbing oils to provide nourishment and hydration to keep their hair shiny and healthy. Special resins can be used to assist in creating workable hair products that deliver smoothing, conditioning and flexible hold. Consumers are also asking for more products to protect their hair from heat styling and the dry, cool air that the fall weather brings.

In terms of color, “People are going darker temporarily or toning down their highlights and going more towards brunette tones, espresso tones, chocolate tones,” according to Sadé Stewart, founder and owner of Siréne Studio and Shop, as stated in the Today Show’s recent “Best fall hair trends of 2021, according to stylists” article. To go along with these rich, copper and reddish tones, we’re also seeing a rise in color sustaining shampoos and conditioners, as well as masques, oils and butters of all types.

Fall Necessity: More Hand Sanitizer Please

The cooler temperatures also mark the unwanted return of the flu season, and in this year’s case, the continued effects of COVID-19. So, it’s no surprise that market demand for hand sanitizers has continued to soar. According to Fact.MR’s “Hand Sanitizer Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking – Global Market Insights 2020 to 2030” study, as cited in Happi magazine’s “Hand Sanitizer Market Soars” article, the global hand sanitizer market is expected to double from 2020 through 2030 to exceed ~$2.8 billion.

For brand owners looking to expand or build upon their hand sanitizer offerings, it’s important to note that formulation, delivery and packaging options vary greatly between products. PLZ Personal Care provides a unique perspective on the product formulation and development requirements for hand sanitizing products, which come in a variety of options – alcohol, non-alcohol, liquid, aerosol sprays, pump sprays, squeeze bottles, foaming solutions – to name a few. We work with some of the world’s top brand names in personal care, household and OTC to support high-to-low volume production with high product mix, short lead times, various fill sizes and custom product solutions.

We also adhere to strict quality and documentation standards to meet FDA requirements for process control, documentation and testing. As an FDA-registered manufacturer of OTC drugs, we provide guidance on factors such as the level and types of actives, selection of appropriate caps for product protection, use of proper actuators for product safety and effectiveness, as well as overall packaging style and durability.

We’re Here to Support the Next Great Idea in Personal Care

In closing, PLZ Personal Care is always working with our customers to support the next great idea. Our customers include some of the top brand names in health, beauty and OTC. These customers trust PLZ Personal Care for quality products, on-time delivery and competitive pricing.

We provide highly customized formulas to each brand and product family. From body sprays and hair care products, to makeup foundation sprays, fragrance oils and other custom solutions, we understand our role in fulfilling our customer’s brand promise for the delivery of a range of products.

Visit our personal care products webpage to learn more.

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