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Five Hot Trends Fueling Hair Care Product Development

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A Look at the Latest Aerosol and Liquid Product Development Opportunities

The hair care industry periodically adapts their product development and offerings to align with evolving trends. Today, these include growing consumer interest in multicultural products, clean and natural formulations, as well as eco-friendly ingredients and packaging. More convenient options such as waterless hair sprays and dry shampoos are gaining favor too. To address these needs, many personal care companies are reassessing their hair care product lines to pinpoint opportunities for brand innovation and expansion.

As a contract manufacturing partner working side by side with our customers to produce and deliver unique and custom formulations for a wide range of hair care products, PLZ Personal Care has unique insights into the needs of this highly competitive industry. Below are some major trends and opportunities fueling hair care product development.

Celebrating Diversity: Multicultural Hair Care Products Please

The right, high-quality hair care products can enhance hair of all types, but not all products are created equal. More than ever, people are celebrating diversity and embracing their varying hair colors and types – giving everyone a chance to choose from hair care products for every desired texture, length and style to restore, protect and nourish.

In fact, according to Beauty Independent’s recent article, The Ready Set’s Outlook On The Multicultural Market In 2021, “Haircare is the biggest segment in multicultural beauty.” Healthy-looking hair is “in,” so the more customization options, the better. PLZ Personal Care is one of the largest manufacturers of multicultural hair care products. From conditioners to styling putty and thermal protectants, we’re always looking to support the next great idea with formulas to help people treat their hair on their terms.

Products such as root lifting mousses and texture sprays are becoming even more popular. For example, fast-absorbing oil that nourishes coarse hair will provide frizz protection for smooth, shiny, healthy and hydrated locks. Special resins can be used to control frizz and assist in creating workable hair products that provide smoothing, conditioning and flexible hold. Consumers also want more products that will protect their hair from heat styling (up to 450 degrees), sun exposure, dry winter air, beach elements and whatever else they may encounter.

Planet Appreciation: Eco-Friendly Hair Care Products

It’s no secret that traditional and natural ingredients are making a comeback. The pandemic has laid bare the degree to which all things are interconnected; growing attention to human health is elevating consumer interest in protecting the environment as well.

More than ever, consumers want products that are non-toxic to the environment and their bodies. Many brands are reformulating their products to eliminate potentially harmful ingredients including parabens, sulfates and formaldehyde, or to adhere to organic and Halal certifications, and ensure ethical sourcing and sustainability of ingredients and packaging.

For companies looking to make their products without synthetic ingredients or to eliminate negative ingredients in an existing product, we advise clients on ingredient choices and considerations for the development of safe, non-toxic formulations. Solutions may include the substitution of aromatherapy botanicals and essential oils as alternatives to synthetic fragrances, or the sourcing of eco-friendly ingredients and packaging.

Getting Healthy: Superfoods and Botanicals in Hair Care

Wellness trends that have gained traction in food are continuing to make their way into the hair care product aisles. This shift comes alongside two other major trends: hairceuticals – the marriage of skincare ingredients with hair care formulations that when combined, deliver more efficacious results – and continued demand for more natural products.

In fact, according to a recent “Natural Beauty Market Trends” report from the New Hope Network’s Nutrition Business Journal, the natural beauty market is rapidly growing – citing estimates that “the global natural and organic beauty market is on track to hit $19.4 billion by 2023.”

Plant-inspired and botanical ingredients, from charming plant-based fragrances to cannabidiol (CBD) oils, as well as strengthening argan and jojoba oils, amino acids and plant extracts are hot items in today’s market. Superfoods such as olive oil, butter, chia seeds and avocado are also popping up in hair care serums, dry shampoos and more. For example, a blend of nourishing natural oils such as meadowfoam, argan, almond, or plum, combined with mango or shea butter, are great conditioning agents to make dry, coarse hair feel soft and static-free.

Don’t Forget About Us: The Rise of Men’s Grooming and Hair Care

According to a recent GLOSSY article, Allied Market Research forecasts the men’s personal care market to be worth $166 billion by 2022 – presenting a major market opportunity for hair care brands. The male beauty movement has given way to a surge in expanded product offerings and packaging. From staples such as shampoos and conditioners to beard oils, hair gels and pomades, men are seeking a wider range of options to look their best.

PLZ partners with both mass-market products and professional brands to lead the curve in men’s grooming and hair care products. We understand what men want in a personal care product, and we have facilities uniquely constructed to deliver on these challenging formulas.

Convenience: Waterless Hair Care Products

Over the past few years, many major companies including Procter & Gamble and Unilever have ramped up their waterless beauty and hair care offerings. Waterless products deliver style control that smooths the cuticle, protects color and adds shine without weighing the hair down. They also offer on-the-go convenience with a fresh, shiny look in comparison to normal liquid shampoo, as well as a reduced carbon footprint.

Consumers are looking for waterless solutions that can deliver a variety of attributes from volumizing and texturizing to oil absorption. In addition to waterless staples such as dry shampoos, national brands are increasingly launching new products to treat specific hair care issues, as well as reinventing shampoos and conditioners into cubes, powders and bars, alternatively packaged in recyclable cardboard or aluminum to reduce the use of both water and plastic.

Let Us Help: We Specialize in Developing Aerosol and Liquid Hair Care Products

At PLZ Personal Care, we offer a wide array of contract manufacturing services for the development of unique and custom formulations for a wide range of hair care products, including styling putty, thermal protectants, masques, relaxer products and beyond. We also offer options for natural formulas free from synthetic and animal-derived ingredients and the use of ethically sourced, sustainable ingredients.

We provide consistent and exceptional hair products for every desired texture, length and style to restore, protect and nourish. Our formulation and product development specialists can take a great idea and guide it through formulation, design, compounding, filling, packaging and delivery to bring new ideas to life.

Visit our hair care products and styling solutions webpage to learn more.

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