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Formulating Hair Care Products To Beat Frizz

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Great hair doesn’t just happen; it takes work. We all know the heartbreak of washing, drying, and styling our hair, only to have it morph into a frizzy disaster as soon as we walk out the front door. Frizz happens when hair interacts with humidity. Our strands absorb moisture and expand, making hair coarse, unruly, and prone to static. We may not be able to control the weather, but there are plenty of steps one can take to prevent and correct a frizzy mane.

Many stylists would agree that great hair starts in the shower. Think of your hair as a sponge – when it’s too dry, it can absorb a lot more moisture than when it’s properly hydrated. A great shampoo and conditioner with keratin and amino acids can go a long way in smoothing and strengthening hair. Styling and finishing products provide all-day humidity resistance by creating an invisible barrier between your hair and that wet, humid air! The goal is to deliver style control that doesn’t weigh hair down, protects color, smooths the cuticle and adds shine with no static.

Hair texture plays a huge role in what type of product you choose to combat frizz. For example, fast-absorbing oil that nourishes coarse hair will provide frizz protection for smooth, shiny, healthy, and hydrated locks. An optimal blend of nourishing oils such as meadowfoam, argan, almond, plum and many others as well as mango or shea butter are great conditioning agents that make dry, coarse hair feel soft and static-free. Special resins can be used to control frizz and assist in creating workable hair products that provide smoothing, conditioning and flexible hold.

When it comes to styling frizz-prone hair, there are more products than ever designed to fight that sticky, staticky, scratchy feeling. Don’t let heat and humidity stand between you and the style you want to rock!

At PLZ, we have an expanded array of services for formulating and packaging hair care products, including mousses, oils, sprays, and serums. We can take a great idea and guide it through formulation, design, compounding, filling, packaging, and delivery. And all our product packaging solutions are available in full, trial, and travel sizes.

Our product development and packaging specialists design optimal formulations, delivery systems and packaging that bring new ideas to life. Contact us today to learn more.

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