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Package and Product Design as One: Dry Shampoos

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The Package, Dispensing Technique and Product Formula are Inseparable in this Growing Market

Once relegated to emergency touchups, dry shampoo has become a popular go-to essential in consumers’ personal care arsenals. Market growth is being driven by changing lifestyles and turbo-charged by e-commerce and social media. Brands are expanding opportunities and fueling sales by offering diverse formulations and niche products, such as herbal and natural or color-safe options, for example.

When it comes to packaging for dry shampoo, the packaging doubles as a delivery mechanism, intrinsically tied to the product’s composition, viscosity, ingredients and other characteristics. With chemistry, physics, material science and geometry intricately entwined, the contents, container and dispenser must all be carefully matched and tested. As such, special product/package requirements and important regulatory guardrails associated with aerosols and ingredients must be considered.

In our Packaging Technology Today article, PLZ Personal Care’s Chi Le, Senior Director R&D, and Ian Fishman, Vice President Innovation & New Business Development, provide an overview of the special product/packaging requirements for dry shampoos, with a focus on the influence of consumer drivers and preferences. The article also offers important guidelines for developing and packaging dry shampoo products for the personal care market.

To learn more, read the “Package and Product Design as One” article in the September 2023 issue of Packaging Technology Today.

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