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PLZ Personal Care Q&A Article in World Aerosols Magazine

Personal Care

Laura Quille, our Director of Product Strategy – Personal Care, recently sat down with the editor of World Aerosols Magazine to offer insights on her role at PLZ Personal Care and her expertise working in the consumer goods industry.

With over 15 years of experience in brand marketing, product innovation, and international business, Laura is a proven leader in developing strategic vision and driving business growth. She has always been fascinated with how the products we buy end up on store shelves, with a specific focus on product manufacturing and assembly. At PLZ Corp, she leverages this deep experience in consumer insights and brand building to oversee new product development, marketing, and commercial operations for personal care brands.

In an excerpt from the article, Laura explains:

“The demands in the personal care industry are constantly shifting, which makes it crucial for brands to stay up to date with what consumers want and adjust how they cater to them. This requires a deep understanding of market demands and the identification of what products and formulations can best be aligned to suit end user needs. This is the best thing about my job! I enjoy working through the product development and strategy process with leading personal care brands in the industry, and partnering with them to create personal care products that feel good, look good and customers champion.”

In response to a question about what sets PLZ Corp apart from our competition, Laura adds:

“Our wealth of talent and knowledge are the engine that powers our success. Backed by a deep history, strong name recognition and solid brand reputation in the retail, distribution and contract packaging sectors, our workforce of more than 2,000 dedicated employees across the United States and Canada remain steadfast and focused on our mission to safely deliver world-class products to our valued customers. Each day, these ‘people behind the label’ partner with our customers to deliver quick-to-market, innovative, safe and compliant products and solutions that stand apart from our competitors.”

To learn more, read the “Up Close and Personal with Laura Quille” Q&A in the July/August issue of World Aerosols.

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