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Right-Sizing Formulations For Travel-Size Products & Packaging

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The growth of small, sample sizes in the personal care industry is poised to continue as consumers have become more conscious, educated and vocal about their buying options. For today’s more discerning customers, trial and travel-size products deliver the perfect amount to try a product before making a commitment. This especially rings true among Millennials for whom cost can be a barrier, particularly for items such as skincare, cosmetics, hair care and beyond that vary so greatly from person to person.


Specialty stores like Sephora and Ulta, and even big-box retailers like Target are responding to the demand for sample products by offering miniaturized versions of their finest products. In addition, popular e-commerce subscription box services like Birchbox and Ipsy are packaging beauty and personal care products in attractive, functional sample sizes for thematic collections.

These product samples benefit both brand and buyer by establishing brand connections and generating the feel-good vibe that consumers desire – creating the opportunity to gain new customers and potential brand loyalists. Trial-size products can also be produced in smaller batches and shorter runs for filling and packaging more variations of a product. These can be used to efficiently test out new scents or formulations.


Brand owners must first ensure that their trial-size products function as well as their full-size counterparts. Not every product formulation is easily converted to trial size, as there may be fewer options for smaller packaging and dispensing components. An established aerosol and liquid formulation and contract filling partner can guide research and development, and advise on factors such as the levels and types of ingredients in the formulation, packaging and delivery of the finished products.

PLZ understands the unique demands of these smaller sizes, which require more accurate fill weights with much tighter tolerances. We have over 30 years of specialized expertise in this area, advising customers on how to select the right components and test for stability and compatibility. PLZ works with customers through formulation and package development, testing/validation, filling, packaging and delivery to ensure that travel-size products function and look like their full-sized products.


We produce packaging as small as 5 ml and accommodate crimping of valve sizes as small as 13 mm to produce a variety of high-growth, trial-size products including breath sprays, hair and dry shampoo sprays, body sprays, air and surface disinfectant sprays, and beyond. PLZ processes and expertise also accommodate the complexity of small batches, fast changeovers and nimble production. We can fill and package variations more quickly and easily than larger fillers. Product innovations include proprietary flip-top, trial-size PET packaging for liquid pump sprays to pen-size aerosol formats that fit in a small purse.

Whether your company is launching a new product or looking to offer a lower-priced, trial-size version of an existing product, our unparalleled expertise makes PLZ the right strategic partner. We help guide customers through development and manufacturing to bring high-quality travel-size aerosol and liquid products to market quickly and efficiently.

For additional information on PLZ trial-size product capabilities, visit our capabilities or contact us today.

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