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The Rise of Superfoods and Beyond in Personal Care

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Spring is in the air, which means it’s time for spring cleaning – an overhaul of the unnecessary junk that consumes our lives in hopes of a fresh, clean start. This sentiment goes beyond just pulling out the duster or the vacuum. Many consumers use the start of spring as an opportunity to do a clean sweep of their beauty routines – opting for new, fresh, more natural personal care products to apply to their skin and hair this season.

It’s never been more important to use safe, non-toxic formulations featuring attributes such as elimination of harmful ingredients including parabens, sulfates, or formaldehyde, or adherence to organic, vegan, and Halal certifications, as well as eco-friendly alternatives and packaging. According to a recent online survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Whole Foods Market, 85% of consumers who simplified their beauty routines in 2020 plan to continue their new practices, and 57% of respondents expressed interest in knowing more about the ingredients in the products they buy.

This article provides an overview of the latest clean beauty trends driving product development this spring, and highlights PLZ Personal Care’s capacity to help brands bring clean beauty product ideas to life in this increasingly-crowded and competitive personal care segment.

Superfoods – Not Just for Our Bellies Anymore 

There’s been a persistent shift among consumers of all ages to view the products they use as a lifestyle choice tied to their overall wellness. As a result, wellness trends that have gained traction in food and beverage are now making their way into personal care products, with brands clamoring to manufacture safe, cruelty-free products designed with the whole family and the whole earth in mind.

Food-grade ingredients present an attractive option to do just that, so superfoods such as olive oil, rice, chia seeds, avocado and kale are popping up in everything from hair care to facial skin care to sunscreens and beyond. For example, a blend of nourishing natural oils such as meadowfoam, argan, almond, plum, combined with mango or shea butter are great conditioning agents to make dry, coarse hair feel soft and static-free.

Packaging Counts Too! Helping the Environment with Sustainable Solutions

In addition to being conscientious about how personal care products are affecting their bodies, consumers are concerned about how products affect the environment. As a result, the movement toward ethical sourcing and sustainability of ingredients, as well as packaging is here to stay.

People want to know the origin of the ingredients they use every day – from the sunscreen they spray on their body to the creams that they use on their face. Consumers evaluate factors such as whether the ingredients are eco-friendly, what part of the world the ingredients are sourced from, and how the products are manufactured to make sure they are doing their part to protect the environment.

With consumers’ “less is more” attitude, products utilizing vitamin and botanical enriched ingredients with essential oil aromatherapy options have become more common. And, we’re also seeing a rise in waterless personal care offerings that aim to reduce the use of water and plastic. In addition to traditional waterless options such as dry shampoos and sprays, we are seeing products such as bath and shower products, facial skin care and deodorants reinvented into cubes, powders and bars, and alternatively packaged in recyclable cardboard or aluminum.

Spring Forward with Clean Beauty Options that Meet You Customers’ Growing Demands

At PLZ Personal Care, your product is our passion. Great service and support are at the core of our partnerships, so we communicate openly, operate with integrity and bring a shared passion to your business because that’s the only way we know how to run ours. As the market-leading product developer, formulator and manufacturing partner for personal care products, product innovation has always been a core component of services, so we offer unique insight into the ever-changing world of product development. From ideation all the way through formulation and execution, PLZ Personal Care stays in step with evolving industry trends to bring brand visions to life with unique and custom formulations of hair care, skin care, facial care and over-the-counter products.

Whether your brand is looking to create a new clean beauty formulation or refine an existing product, our nationwide network is committed to a smarter, more efficient and continuously improving process for development of superior personal care products on every project, every time. We offer unique and custom formulations of color cosmetics, skin care, hair care, bath and body, fragrance, deodorant, health and industrial products. We also offer options for moisturizing and natural formulas free from synthetic and animal-derived ingredients, and use of ethically-sourced, sustainable ingredients, and dual-function product solutions with SPF. Our extensive library includes plant-based ingredients, vitamin-infused ingredients, natural minerals, essential oils, organic-certified ingredients and non-GMO ingredients. PLZ Personal Care is also an Organic Certified Co-Packer, with the capability to support compliance to the Made in USA Standard.

As the world continues to embrace clean beauty this spring and think ahead to the future, you can feel confident partnering with PLZ Personal Care to seamlessly deliver high-quality personal care offerings that help your brand stand out on the shelf and stay ahead of the competition. Visit the PLZ Personal Care homepage to learn more.

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