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The Top Product Development Opportunities in Personal Care for Holiday Gifting

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Economics are expected to play a larger role than usual in consumers’ holiday shopping and gift-giving decisions this year. According to Mintel’s Global COVID-19 Consumer Tracker, 76% of adults are concerned about rising prices heading into the holiday season. With this less than optimistic outlook, consumers know their dollars won’t go as far as usual, so they expect to spend more and buy less. This means they will be extra prudent in shopping for deals, comparing prices, scaling back, and buying judiciously.

While this isn’t the best news for retailers, we bring good tidings for brands in the personal care sector this holiday season. As a leader in specialty aerosol and liquid product manufacturing for premier brands in the personal care market, we’ve pulled together a list of the top personal care and beauty trends we’re seeing for budget-friendly gifting this season.

  1. Despite the volatile economic outlook, consumer attitudes are increasingly leaning toward gifting choices that underline a growing appreciation for home and hearth, health and wellness. Products featuring cozy, warm, comfortable fragrances of the season are always popular this time of year. And ever since consumers learned during lockdowns to take care of their own self-grooming and beauty routines, they have developed a penchant for personal care products they can use at home that still make them feel pampered. These types of products can make terrific, thoughtful, and budget-friendly gifts.
  2. Growing interest in more personalized product offerings has also been a major driver in health and beauty products as consumers become more selective, embracing diversity and individuality, and demanding deeper product engagement. We have seen this in the proliferation of hair care options, for example, with new formulations being developed for every type of hair imaginable including significant expansion in the availability of multicultural hair care products.
  3. With inclusivity on people’s radar, personalization is trending in other personal care categories as well. Consumers now expect to find products uniquely suited to their own individual needs. This includes a growing assortment of both gender-neutral and men’s personal care solutions. Today, we are proud to help keep the male personal care movement innovating and growing through our work, helping brands diversify their product lines and address a wider variety of consumer needs.
  4. Skin care is another bright spot this season, as the pursuit of youthful, hydrated, and clean-looking skin never goes out of style. From daily cleansers and body lotions to creams and sprays, custom solutions for skin health and vibrancy make a perfect holiday gift for those hard-to-shop-for people on your list.
  5. Lastly, trial-size personal care products are ideal for thematic holiday collections that can be creatively packaged in kits for stocking stuffers, holiday swaps, and beyond. The combinations are endless – offering opportunities to combine product selections including everything from sample hair conditioners and cosmetics to beard oils and hand lotions, and assemble them into personalized gift assortments.

In the face of today’s volatile market, these are just a sampling of the market opportunities within personal care this holiday season. For holiday shoppers looking to “get it right” for the special someone on their list without breaking the bank, personal care products are a great gifting option.

Whether your brand is launching a new product or looking to offer a lower-priced version of an existing product, PLZ Personal Care works with our customers each and every day to help them diversify their product lines and expand their consumer base. Contact us to learn how we can help with your personal care product development and manufacturing.

Happy Holidays from all of us at PLZ Personal Care – may your days be merry and bright!

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